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CAD Imports, Inc. is an importer, distributors, marketer and manufacturer of medical products, supplements, groceries, and everyday use items in the United States. Our products contain the highest quality standards from Latin America, as well as the rest of the world, which has made us one of the leading choices for import and distribution of international products into and within the United States.

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CAD IMPORT has a wide catalog of medicinal products, for personal use and hygiene for the whole family, which comply with all regulations and high-quality standards.

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What Sets Us Apart:


Providing the Distribution Channels You Need to Succeed

We pride ourselves in helping companies expand their business into the U.S. hispanic marketplace - whether you need help importing, distribution, marketing or manufacturing - CAD is the partner you can rely on to grow your business. We have a mission of achieving consumer satisfaction, as well as offering our customers and distribution channels the best opportunity for growth.

We offer all the attention, good service and quality control in the sale of our products, so that clients and friends feel the support of our professionalism and the satisfaction of acquiring the highest quality products. We are committed to providing a service of the highest level in the importation of products, ensuring that the process is satisfactory for our clients, partners and consumers.

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"I love working with CAD for the Market I own. The product selection is the best in the business. Definitely glad I became a distributor!"

"CAD has some amazing products. I love the selection."

"The customer service experience is amazing. There was a mistake with my order and their team was able to resolve the issue quickly."

"One of the few businesses with Spanish speaking customer service agents. Communication was very easy."

"Our order arrived in perfect condition. I am excited to order again!"

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